• Animal Bright multicolour
    new -20%

    Animal Bright multicolour

    35,49 €
  • Vans Realm onyx
    new -20%

    Vans Realm onyx

    23,39 €
  • Rip Curl Stacker Craft brown
    new -20%

    Rip Curl Stacker Craft brown

    41,41 €
  • Fox Flex 45 Flexfit Hat black/blue

    Fox Flex 45 Flexfit Hat black/blue

    25,87 €
  • Element Central Park charcoal
    new -20%

    Element Central Park charcoal

    68,06 €


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Winter jacket for your board..

Winter jacket for your board..

Are you looking for a winter jacket which you can take to mountain? Then you are on the right website because our stock is full of big brands and you will look famous. If you love organic clothing then have a look at this french brand called Picture which is characterized by top quality. When we talk about the quality you can´t go wrong with the Burton brand either. If you would rather stay local and would love to support czech guys then you should look at the Horsefeathers brand. This brand knows how to light up the slopes in the mountain.

Kids Jumpsuits Winter 2016/17

Kids Jumpsuits Winter 2016/17

Are you looking for suitable winter clothes for your kids? Then we definitely recommend to check out the kids section where you can find a lot of colorful winter jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are suitable for kids mainly because they do not get cold so easily, they are super funny colorful and everybody just fall in love with them :-) Sizes are from 1,5 years old to six years old. So search for the jumpsuits with brands as Burton, Roxy or Quiksilver.

Winter - NEW IN

Winter - NEW IN

Winter is nearly here, snow will be falling soon, so now it is the time for your new equipment, right? We have maximum selection of snowboards, boots or binding. We also think about your protection, so we offer plenty of helmets and body protection, so find the snow section and choose the ones for you. If you wonder what brand to choose, search for these ones - Burton, Roxy, Anon, LIB Tech or POC, because the quality is more than satisfying.

Roxy with style!!

Roxy with style!!

Do you like fun? Do you ride on board? Do you like spending days with friends? Then this brand is calling for you. Roxy made our stock full again with its beautiful pieces of clothing which should be in your closet. If you are looking for a new winter jacket, T-shirt, hoodies or some accessorry as handbag, purse or beanie, you are on the right website. So search Roxy brand so you can be between the first ones who can wear the new collection for winter 16/17.

Horsefeathers Fall 2016

Horsefeathers Fall 2016

The new fall/winter collection Horsefeathers just arrived and the stock is full! If you are looking for outfit to this rainy and cold weather, be sure you find something to wear. Horsefeathers brings back a lot of colours so if you need some sweatshirt, t-shirt, pants, belts or jacket, check the collection. And we think about your kids too, so have a look at the colour range here!

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