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Bataleon BLOW

Catalog number: 90236228
Model: BLOW
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The soft twin board Blow is suitable for jibbing and riding in the park. It has a low camber for good pop and greater stability on obstacles. Thanks to the 3BT profile, it never catches the edge when the impact is untouched. Rubberized sidewalls absorb shocks and prevent the edge from breaking through an obstacle.

SUITABLE FOR RIDERS: moderately advanced to experienced



  • a tailor-made profile for all street and jib lovers
  • features a lower camber and a wider flat surface, for greater stability on obstacles
  • 3BT starts from the beginning of snowboard inserts and of all 3BT profiles, the sides rise the least, thus achieving maximum stability in slides

Triple Base Technology (3BT) : a patented technology that improves the functionality of the snowboard in almost every way. It consists of three different tilts of the base. The middle part of the snowboard is completely straight and the sides are raised. Each 3BT profile has a differently defined space where the snowboard is flat and where it starts to rise. All of these snowboards have a classic camber deflection, which charges 3BT technology and delivers even more pop. 3BT gives the snowboard maximum pop into the rebound, easier turning, better sailing in powder, a more stable fast ride and a minimum chance of cutting the edge! With 3BT you can ruin it on a ski slope, in powder, a park or on the street. Just choose which 3BT is right for you.

Jib 3BT ™ + Sidekick ™

Low Camber

SHAPE: Twin Outline

CORE: Core Core: wooden core composed of poplar and beech. The added beech strengthens the core under the binding and adds more pop at the tip and heel of the snowboard

LAMINATION: Bi-Ax Laminate : the lamination is folded at an angle of 90 ° and 0 ° on the core of the snowboard. Ideal composition for a fun board that works with the rider.

SLIDE: Super Slick X : extruded base with the highest possible molecular content that can be used for this base. It is more durable, faster and easy to repair.

Flip Flop Base : the base exists in two colors (swapped colors), each snowboard may have a different one than the one in the picture. This is to create less waste and less burden for the planet.

HARDNESS: 2 (Hardness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 the hardest)

Central Super Tube : news of the season 18/19. A hollow carbon tube is placed in the center of the board, which ensures better pop.

Shock Walls : a new tweak in the 18/19 collection. Polyurethane-cast side walls absorb shocks and protect the side of the snowboard from punctures.

Size (cm) 145 148 151 153 154W 155
effective edge (mm) 1104 1144 1169 1185 1193 1200
nose width (mm) 285 289 291 293 305 296
center width (mm) 248 250 250 252 263 255
tail width (mm) 285 289 291 293 305 296
radius (m) 7.25 7.35 7.45 7.55 7.6 7.7
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0

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