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Bataleon PARTY WAVE is for the more advanced of you who prefer freeriding and powder . With this nimble, floating rocket, which is designed 5-10 cm shorter than a regular board, you will enjoy a good portion of fun in the mountains. Like all boards, the Bataleon has a positive toe-to-heel deflection combined with raised side base contact points. SideKick ™ enhances the benefits of 3BT thanks to dramatically increased side lift at the widest points of the nose and tail. Enjoy an unbeatable ride with Bataleon PARTY WAVE!

Level: intermediate to expert

Purpose: All-Mountain, Freeride, Powder

Deflection: Camber

Tail Nose

  • Triple Base Technology (3BT) : Patented technology that improves the functionality of the snowboard in almost every way. It consists of three different tilts of the base. The middle part of the snowboard is completely straight and the sides are raised. Each 3BT profile has a differently defined space where the snowboard is flat and where it starts to rise. All these snowboards have a classic camber bend. 3BT gives the snowboard maximum pop into the rebound, easier turning, better sailing in powder, a more stable fast ride and a minimum chance of cutting the edge. With 3BT you can start it on the piste, in powder, park or on the street. Just choose which 3BT is right for you.

Nose Tail

Shape: Directional

  •  The Pow 3BT ™ features a narrow center base and maximum lift thanks to the SideKick ™ in the nose. The longer nose ensures unrivaled powder float and stability in harsh conditions.

Flex: 4/10

Medium Core : 100% poplar

  • Traditional core design that draws on the strong and flexible properties of this medium-hard wood.


  • The traditional and time-tested two-way fiberglass weave is light, strong and sensitive; keeps the board smooth without adding torsional rigidity.

Base: extruded

  • It has the highest molecular density available for extruded runners.

Binding inserts : 2 x 4

Size chart:

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