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Bataleon SPIRIT SET 21/22

Catalog number: 90236136
Model: SPIRIT SET 21/22
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SPIRIT Battalion is a women's all-mountain and freesly snowboard that is for both beginner riders and the more advanced of you. It is a very soft board , which will make it very playful and easier to handle. You will appreciate bending the camber at higher speeds and on jumps, as it will allow you to pop better. Triple Base Technology will make it easier for you to start the arc without getting your edges jammed. Thanks to the directional twin shape, the nose is slightly longer than the tail, which improves riding characteristics on the piste and in powder. Enjoy this winter on the slopes or in the snow park with Bataleon SPIRIT!

Levels: beginner to intermediate

Purpose: all-mountain, freeslyle

  • All-mountain snowboards are designed for discovering the mountains in all their beauty. It feels like home on the slopes, in the dust and in the park. The vast majority of snowboarders choose all-mountain boards for their great versatility. If you are just starting out or you are not sure what exactly you need, an all-mountain snowboard is a great choice.
  • Freestyle boards are designed for a snow park and a wide range of various obstacles and ramps. It is a bit shorter and softer, which makes it easier to control. By bending the camber, you will achieve greater pop, or rebound when jumping.

Deflection: camber

  • 3BT (Triple Base Technology) with SideKick: Base contact points are raised. The side lift is even more pronounced at the widest points in the nose and tail area. This makes boarding and alighting easier. They also improve driving characteristics in powder and make it easier to handle the board on uneven terrain. It also prevents your edges from getting stuck.


Shape: Directional Twin

  • The nose is slightly longer than the tail. The center of gravity is shifted slightly backwards. The shape of the board is the same at both ends.

Flex: soft

  • Flex Rating - 2 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Medium Core : wood

  • Core Core - poplar with beech hardwood is placed from toe to heel along the inserts. They strengthen the backbone of the board, reinforce inserts and allow more pop.


  • Biax Laminate - Traditional and time-tested two-way fiberglass weave that is light and strong. Keeps the board smooth without adding torsional rigidity.


  • Shock Walls - The side walls are impregnated with urethane. ShockWalls ensure a smooth ride and are more impact resistant.

Base: extruded

  • Super Slick X - This is not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for the extruded variant. This means that the base is super smooth, durable and maintenance-free.
  • Flip Flop Base - Creating two or more basic color variations minimizes p-tex waste.

Binding inserts : 2 x 4

Size chart:


Switchcack Spirit Black is a light but durable binding tuned to freestyle, which will allow you a relaxed ride that forgives mistakes. It has comfortable straps, the front closes progressively over the tip. EVA padding under the toe and heel will cushion impacts. This model is tuned to the colors of the Bataleon Spirit snowboard with which it forms a beautiful co-knit.

Origin Baseplate:

  • The base is as light as possible by the excess material that comes into contact with the snowboard. The lower part is equipped with a rubber sleeve, which is inserted along the lower edge of the binding. This rubber perfectly dampens all vibrations and impacts. There is a little less rubber under the toe and heel, which resulted in better energy transfer from the binding to the edge of the snowboard.

Intergrated Pad :

  • The base pad, which is strategically placed on the tip and base of the base.

Midback :

  • The heel, which was originally designed for riders with smaller legs, but has become popular among riders who are looking for more freedom with less response. Heel suitable for park riding and especially for girls.

Miller Strap :

  • A strap made of TPU mesh, the shape of which is designed to encircle the shoe as best as possible. The Miller Strap creates an extremely firm fit in the binding, but without losing flexibility.

Inserty: 4x4

  • On regular snowboards, the disc is compatible with the Burton Channel

Size chart:

WITH 34-39
M 39-43
L 43-46

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at info@esatna.eu