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Dvs COMANCHE 2.0+ black/white/black/nubuck

Catalog number: 90389979
Model: COMANCHE 2.0+
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Dvs COMANCHE 2.0+ black / white / black / nubuck are men's summer shoes with an iconic design. These shoes are the successor of the great model Dvs COMANCHE . Surely you also remember the time when these "breads" snorted. That time has never really disappeared, and comfortable shoes with a strong reinforced tongue are still there. In the shoe you will find an insole and a midsole EVA damping effects. A reinforced heel and a padded area around the ankle are a matter of course. Thanks to the reinforced elements on the sides of the shoe, you won't just ruin your shoes when you "pull" the tricks. COMANCHE 2.0+ Dvs shoes they are ideal for skate, but also for everyday walking in the streets.

So don't hesitate and order, these shoes are waiting for you!


  • men's summer shoes
  • ideal for skating and on the streets
  • insole and midsole EVA damping effects
  • reinforced heel
  • padded area around the ankle
  • iconic design

Material: leather, nubuck, rubber

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