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!!ATTENTION!! This product has a small defect due to temperatures and humidity during transport from a foreign distributor, but this does not affect its functionality. This is a slight unevenness of the skateboard deck. You won't feel this defect while driving, but we still gave this product a big DISCOUNT!

So don't hesitate and order the skate set at a discount now!

Element HATCHED CRUISER 8.75" is a super cruiser set ideal for everyday rides around the city. The best view of the world is from a board on wheels. The freedom and the wind in your hair are the best reward after a whole day!
The Element cruiser set is made of a maple wood board. Silver trucks are made of solid alloy, so you don't have to worry about them breaking right away. The 60 mm wide Element urethane wheels with a hardness of 78A ensure a smooth ride. We cannot forget about quality bearings, ABEC 5 are waiting for you here. Classic black griptape is a matter of course.
And as a little bonus, Element skateboards, cruisers and longboards are not made in China, but in Spain . This is not only sustainable, but mainly protects the environment by producing significantly less CO2 emissions .


  • trucks - 133 mm
  • wheels - 60 mm
  • board - 8.75”
  • bearings - ABEC 5


  • width - 22.2 cm
  • length - 82.5 cm

Material: maple wood, urethane

Material: 75%MPLWD 15%STL 8%ERTHN 2%SDPR

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