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Gravity EMPATIC 1

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Men's snowboard set EMPATIC 1 is a great set for those looking for a great board with whom they want to enjoy the best fun on the hill. The set includes snowboard and bindings.

strong> Men's snowboard Gravity Empatic is a lightweight, soft jibbo board, with a full-wood core made of poplar, complemented by exotic wood panels, making the board flexible enough to bend in wild presses. This board should be chosen not only by every skier who likes swimming pools in the park. Level : Intermediate / advanced Deformation : cam-rock Determination : freestyle Length : 148 - 157 cm Width : 248 - 254 mm Radius : 6,9 - 7,6 m Hardness : 5/10 Effective edge : 108-117 cm Shape: Twin tip Setback: 0 Binding system: inserts 4 x 2 cm Technology: Cam-Rock : Hybrid bend combining the best of rocker and camber, relieves contact pressure on the tip and foot for a more relaxed ride. The camber zones in the places under the binding mean greater control while riding along the edge and big pop. Twin Tip : The essence of the shape of the park planks. The same distance from tip and foot enables natural and reverse driving Woodcore : a core made of poplar wood complemented by hard, exotic wood panels Biax (0 ° / 90 °) : traditional lamination under two angles delivers quality pop and light torsion flex = very fun board with lots of fun on both the slopes and the snowpark Sidewall : 360 ° ABS sidewall protects the edge from damage and dampens vibrations Micro Inserts : inserts 4x2 for more precise stance setting Wax Base : all Gravity snowboards are already waxed and ready for use without delays

Men's GRAVITY G2 YELLOW or BLACK bindings are the most popular model from Gravity. This year is ready to inspire you! Perfect combination of performance, comfort and great design. In its category, G2 is unrivaled. Specifications: G2 Baseplate : plastic base with sliding front power pedal and sliding heel. Front and rear power pedals are made of soft EVA material for reliable impact cushioning. Plastic Ratchets : Comfort Strap Ratchets: The throat strap ensures comfortable ride and flexible movement. Comfort Toe Strap : front strap, which can be turned both from the top and the top of the shoe. G2 Men Highback : The support foot designed to accurately replicate the shape of the shoe provides maximum riding comfort. The inner side features an EVA lining for all-day comfort. EVA Power pedals : Power pedals placed on the tip and base of the base, making it easier to transfer power from the rider to the snowboard to increase control over the board. They are made of soft EVA material that perfectly dampens the impact and reduces vibration while driving. Sizes: M: 39.5 - 41.5 L: 42 - 48

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