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K2 BELIEF black

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K2 BELIEF BLACK snowboard boots are created for all-day comfort with progress on the hill. They have a thermoformable foam inner shoe Comfort Foam EVA combined with Die Cut EVA insoles, which will keep your foot warm and comfortable. An integral part is the years-proven and easy-to-use M1 BOA® FIT system , which will make it very easy for you to put on your shoes.

M1 BOA® FIT - tightening mechanism based on the principle of winding steel cable. A simple and efficient system that you can control only by operating the wheel for perfect tightening of the shoe.

COMFORT FOAM EVA - inner insole for an effective combination of functionality and comfort. The anatomically shaped 3D insole of the inner insole adapts to the shape of the foot and the shape of the shoe sole.

FAST-IN LINER LACING - a system for quick removal of the inner shoe


  • snowboard boots
  • black design
  • inner shoe COMFORT FOAM EVA
  • compatible with inner liner
  • easy and easy to use tightening system - M1 BOA® FIT
  • easy tightening of the inner shoe
  • light and durable sole

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