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The Nitro Flora women's snowboard boot is made to fit like a shell. At the same time, it offers soft flex and features that allow you to stay outside longer and really enjoy every turn to the fullest. Durability and grip will accompany you throughout the day. The shoes provide the perfect support and support you need while driving. Interlock Cloud Liner prevents the heel from slipping and keeps your toes warm. Nitro Flora offers incredible progress and comfort all the time spent in the mountains.

Flex: soft

  • Women's Cloud 1 Liner - Preformed insole made of EVA foam
  • Interlock Cloud Liner - Prevents heel lift.
  • DLS Liner Lacing - Directly attached to the liner. Low-friction laces made of Dyneema® material.
  • Re / Lace Liner Locker - Easily adjust the shoe's inner lacing, if the shell is already tightened, simply by pulling the lace handle. This will perfectly tighten the inner liner without having to unzip the shoe.
Lacing system:
  • TLS (Twin Lacing System) - Easy lacing and loosening of laces in combination with low friction Dyneema® laces are key factors in this highly reliable zone lacing system. TLS is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight while maintaining reliability.
  • Bail Out System - Designed to make TLS untying even easier. This drawstring, which is located in the middle of the lacing system on the outside of the shoe, allows for easy and quick untying.
  • Women's Eva Footbed - Dampens shocks and provides comfort throughout the day.


  • Rubber Outsole - Rubber sole.

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