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Picture Arron 2.0 dark blue

Catalog number: 89189115
Model: Arron 2.0
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Picture Arron Helmet 2.0

eco-friendly snowboard / ski helmet that provides a high level of protection. Lightweight construction, comfortable lining and active ventilation system ensure maximum comfort even during all-day wear.

The lining is made of 100% recycled EPS polyester, which is obtained from Japanese automakers. There is also an outer shell made of PLA (polyactic), a polymer derived from corn - a renewable source. Finally, we have earmuffs made of recycled PET bottles.

size S = 54/55 cm
size M = 56/57 cm
size L = 58/59 cm
size XL = 60/61 cm
boa adjusting wheel.
active ventilation system.
tiny, removable earmuffs.
CE certification EN 1077.

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