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Ride CL-2 black

Catalog number: 90242038
Model: CL-2
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Ride CL-2 black is a snowboard binding suitable for beginners to intermediate, which offers the finest flexibility in the range of women's bindings Ride. As a beginner rider, you will especially appreciate the very soft flex. Start it with Ride CL-2 black!

C-Series Performance Polycarbonate Chassis
Lightweight and comfortable polycarbonate binding construction with the possibility of precise adjustment to the shoe with a central Micro disk system, which ensures easy adjustment of the binding position according to your chosen position. The base is complemented by an aluminum heel-cup, which is identical across all bindings, including the A-Series.

One-Piece Ankle Strap
Durable instep strap that provides sufficient support and comfort in one.

Slimeback ™ (Urethane) Highback

It absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations, thus ensuring a smooth ride and at the same time providing support.

Minimalist Toe Strap
Minimalist and very light strap that fastens over the toe of the shoe.

C-Series Diecut Basepad
The thin foam pad, which is under the binding on the underside and when the binding is mounted, thus functions as a damping pad, which perfectly absorbs all shocks and impacts.

Canted Footbed
The ultra-light binding pad on which the shoe stands uses small angles to level the ankles and knees in a more natural position. The pad angle also provides the necessary leverage to achieve maximum pop board.

Linkage Ratchets
Lightweight ratchets made of aluminum alloys in the latest design in the field of snowboard ratchets, which guarantees smooth tightening and loosening. The advantage is also the construction, which ensures a longer service life of honeycomb strips.

Plastic Micro-Disc
Miniature plastic disc for attaching bindings. Benefit is a better transfer of forces between the bindings and the snowboard and the associated faster snowboard reactions. In addition to classic inserts, the Micro-Disc is also compatible with slot / channel systems used by BURTON, for example.

US MEN'S 4 - 8 6 - 10 10.5+
US WOMEN'S 5 - 9 7 - 11
EU 35 - 40.5 37 - 43.5 43.5 - 50+

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