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Ride Rook BOA black

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Model: Rook BOA
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RIDE Rook BOA men's snowboard boots

The RIDE ROOK snowboard boot with BOA tightening is a softer men's snowboard boot designed for beginners and intermediate riders. The basic shoe from RIDU, which contains all the goodies for easy shoeing and comfortable riding. In this shoe you will comfortably stay all day long and riding will be immediately more pleasant.

Thanks to this type of construction, these are the lightest and shortest snowboard boots in the given sizes. The foam insole is manufactured in the so-called net storage, which leads to a smaller shoe and better comfort.

3D formed tongue
Specially shaped tongue of the inner boot, which is shaped according to the user's foot after a few rides. Thanks to 3D shaping, the shoe adapts to all foot shapes.

Center Tonguet
The position of the tongue in the middle of the shoe with the possibility of opening to the front as in classic shoes.

Internal J bars
Special reinforcements in the ankle and heel area for better strengthening of the shoe parts and better protection.

Intuition plush foam
Medium density plush foam guarantees great comfort all day long.
Lock down turbo
Safe and very simple system of retracting the inner boot, where a small hook is placed on the tongue, which prevents spontaneous loosening.

The EVA cut
A thin EVA foam insole that helps improve foot support while increasing comfort.

Grip light SOLE
SLIME midsole in combination with rubber pads for maximum durability and non-slip on ice.

H3 BOA coiler
The system for tightening the outer shoe using a steel cable with winding. The fastest way to tighten your shoe evenly without subsequent loosening!

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