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Ride Twinpig

Catalog number: 90242106
Model: Twinpig
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Ride Twinpig is a snowboard designed for intermediate students , which is great for both the piste and tricks in the snow park and beyond. You will be interested in the retro shape, where the ends are trimmed, mainly due to the design and weight reduction. The hybrid construction , where the camber bend is located in the middle and the rocker in the nose and tail area, makes sure that your edges are not cut off and forgives you even some mistake. It will hold you perfectly in the backside of the arch thanks to its asymmetrical shape, in which the frontside and backside have a different radius . Thanks to the twin shape, you can ride the so-called switch , which you will especially appreciate in the snow park. Show off what's in you with this board from Ride!

Level: intermediate

Purpose: all-mountain, freestyle

  • All-mountain snowboards are designed for discovering the mountains in all their beauty. It feels like home on the slopes, powder and in the park. The vast majority of snowboarders choose all-mountain boards for their great versatility. If you are just starting out or you are not sure exactly what you need, an all-mountain snowboard is a great choice.
  • Freestyle boards are designed for a snow park and a wide range of various obstacles and ramps. It's a little shorter, which makes it easier to control.

Deflection: rocker hybrid

Rocker / Camber / Rocker

Rocker / Camber / Rocker

Shape: Asymmetrical, True Twin

  • Asymmetrically shaped cut-out front and back edges.
  • The nose is the same length as the tail. The shape of the board is the same at both ends. Thanks to this, you can mount the binding on a so-called switch, which means that neither leg is dominant and you can have both the right and left leg alternately in front. You will especially appreciate this after impacts after spiral jumps, when the front leg changes when turning.

Cutout: Quadractic Sidecut

  • The front side and backside have a different radius, which is important to know especially when mounting bindings. The effective edge is shorter at the back than at the front.
  • Combining three radii (radii) for better entry and exit from curves and at the same time holds well on the edge.

Soft Core : bamboo, carbon, wood

Lamination :

  • Double Impact Plates: Laminate inserts are inserted under the binding area to increase strength. Eliminates possible board breakage.
  • Hybrid Glass: t riaxial in the top area and biaxial in the base area

Base: sintered

  • It is more durable, harder and allows higher speeds than extruded.
  • Roll-In Construction: Designed to increase the overall strength of the board, prevents chipping of the top layer and reduces weight.
  • Slim Walls®: Reduces weight and leads to excellent energy transfer.

Edges: Cleave Edge ™

  • Almost 50% more steel to increase durability.
Topsheet : Cleave Edge ™
  • By transferring the graphics directly to the fiberglass, there is no need to have any material for the top layer. This process improves overall durability and reduces weight.

Binding inserts : 2 x 4

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