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Rossignol Myth+Myth

Catalog number: 89209585
Model: Myth+Myth
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Ladies' Snowboard Set - Rossignol Myth LTD board + Myth bindings - is great on the slopes and snowpark. The board has predictable behavior and forgives mistakes, making it suitable for beginners as well as advanced riders.
Ladies' snowboard Myth forgives mistakes, so it's also suitable for beginners. Thanks to the AmpTek Auto Turn bend you can look forward to solid pop and good handling.

- AmpTek Auto Turn Rocker: This bended 20% camber between the legs and the remaining 80% rocker. Thanks to that, the board keeps well on the edge and forgives mistakes.
- Flex: 4/10
- Shape: Directional Twin - Stance is bent a bit back, so you can enjoy a lot of fun with the snowboard even if you ride from the slopes into a deep powder.
- Core: Wood 5620 - One kind of quality wood for maximum durability and great handling characteristics.
- Laminating: Glass Fiber - For optimum flexing with high torsional strength.
- Sidwalls ABS Sidewalls - Very durable construction for maximum durability of the planks.
- Base: Extruded - Fast and durable base.
- Inserts 4 x 4
Rossignol Myth snowboard binding is an allmountain model suitable for both beginners and riders. When you hit the jump, Eva shock pads will delight you, which dampens the effects.

- Baseplate: Cpu Baseplate - Lightweight baseplate with great power transfer.
- Highback: MainFrame - For even better weight transfer.
- Flex: Soft
- Inserts: 2x4, 4x4

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