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Smith IO MAG XL Limestone Vibes

Catalog number: 90242922
Model: IO MAG XL
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The SMITH I / O MAG XL men's snowboard or ski goggles is an enlarged model with an extended lens for even better visibility. A brand new model for this season using magnetic glass, which will allow you the easiest glass replacement in history. The magnets support two locking mechanisms that hold the glass in place even in a large fall, but do not reduce the ease of replacement. Thanks to their shape, the goggles fit perfectly into all Smith helmet models and support them AirEvac system that removes moisture from the glasses. Unique Responsive Fit It perfectly copies the shape of your face. Spherical glass is one of the largest in the collection and thanks Carbonic-X The finish is very scratch resistant. The great functionality of the glass is complemented by 5X anti - fog anti - fogging of the inner glass and Porex filter that balances temperature and pressure between glasses. MAG I / O model is our top model and uses the best technology, thanks to which it will give you the best comfort and you can focus only on your entertainment.


  • New magnetic glass mount
  • 2 ChromaPop spherical glasses in a package for nice and bad weather with 5X antifog
  • Porex filter
  • TLT Tapered Lens Technology
  • Carbonic-X tempered glass
  • Medium size
  • Responsive fit
  • Wide strap with silicone and fastening
  • 3 layer DriWix foam with antibacterial layer
  • Compatible with all models of Smith and AirEvac helmets for moisture wicking
  • Cloth case for glasses with a pocket for spare glass

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