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Smith SQUAD Black | Chromapop Sun Green Mi

Catalog number: 89560617
Model: SQUAD
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The stylish Smith Squad Black / Chromapop Sun Green Mirror in a minimalist design with an integrated silicone strap perfectly fits you and you can only focus on your entertainment. With Fog-X technology, there's no more fogging, and ChromaPop delivers crystal clear visibility. The package includes a microfiber bag and replaceable yellow glass for bad weather. Technology: Carbonic-X cylindrical glasses with ChromaPop technology , which can filter base colors separately to avoid overlapping, making colors more vivid and more vivid, human eye less stressed and able to focus much faster, reducing Fog-X fatigue - Smith has been, is and will be a pioneer in anti-fog glass. Glass with 5X antifog technology makes it the most modern and best on the market you can get. The inner glass has etched micro grooves, which are not visible through the eye, breaking steam molecules. TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) called lens taper. The glass tapers from the middle to the edges. As a result, light does not break when penetrating through the glass, but straightens and thus eliminates possible distortion, which means that the viewer is 100% accurate and comfortable. Specifications: - in 2 glass packs - for nice (Chromapop Sun) and bad weather (Storm Yellow) - larger frame size - responsive fit - mesh frame frame adapts to face shape - wide adjustable strap with silion - 3 layer foam with antibacterial coating - compatible with all Smith helmets - cloth bag for glasses with spare glass pocket

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