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Trans LTD midwide green

Catalog number: 89557228
Model: LTD midwide
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Men's Snowboard Trans LTD MW Flatrocker Green designed for all-mountain is absolutely perfect and will be your partner on every slope. You can ride him with dust and cut arches on the ski slope. This board goes to the corner almost alone and has a very flexible flexible shape. It boasts state-of-the-art production technology, a light wooden core of Rudggedcore and a total quality workmanship. Level : Beginners / advanced Deformation : flat rocker Deal : all-mountain / freestyle Length : 157 cm Width : 256 mm Radius : 7.8 / 8.7 m Hardness : 5/10 Effective edge : 117 cm Shape : 4x2 Technology: Ruggedcore construction lightweight core Coretex 9000 fabrics with its durability and strength ABS Sidewall protects the core from damage and vibration damping ISO 4400 : extruded base is easy to maintain Di-Cut base


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